Mora McGovern

Certified Foundation Training Instructor

Do you suffer from:

  • Back pain?
  • Sore knees and hips?
  • Neck and shoulder ache?
  • Tension headaches?
  • Plantar fasciitis?

Do you want to:

  • Improve your posture?
  • Increase your strength, flexibility and power?
  • Reduce your risk of injury?
  • Speed up your recovery?
  • Improve your sporting performance?

What is Foundation Training?

Eliminate back pain and live your life to the full with Foundation Training.


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Great fun today sharing a quick Foundation Training intro with the Physios at SPEAR Physiotherapy! Thank you for your continued support with this, it is very much appreciated! time!!! ☀️ 🌊 🍺 ☀️ 🏃 🍦 ☀️
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This is why I tell you all to practice working your feet!! 👣 ... See MoreSee Less

Get a grip (with your feet)! Our body is a series of muscle chains that work together to move us stronger and with lower risk of injury. The Foundation Training Anchoring principle focuses on the "ground up" integration of the lower body starting with our feet to improve our stability and mobility. Anchroing connects the muscles from the bottom of the pelvis to the femur and tibia. The muscles we focus on for anchoring are the Adductors, Tensor Fascia Lata, Iliacus, Sartorius and Hamstrings. This relationship begins in the feet. Kick off your shoes, stand with your feet about hip width apart, and try to feel the ground with the ball of the pinky toe, the ball of the big toe, and the heel. Grab the ground and notice the muscle engagement that starts throughout your body. The stronger the muscles that support your acrhes are, the more connected your arches will be to powerful proximal muscles like the Adductors, Medial Hamstrings, and even the Gluteal muscles. The end result is a strong grip on how you want to experience movement in your daily life! Grip stength isn't only about your hands and fingers. We'd argue that the most important grip, or grasp, we should improve upon is in our feet more than our fists.

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